Below is the list of the LIPFF 2017 NOMINEES.

The nominated films are FINALISTS in the 2nd Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF). This means that they could be possible winners of an award in the specified category.

The LIPFF Festival will be taking place in Kisumu and environs from the 9th – 11th of November 2017. All Nominees will receive a Certificate and the Winner will receive a trophy Award in a glamorous Gala Ceremony attended by many filmmakers, stakeholders and private sector influencers in Kenya and beyond.

Activities will include film screenings, a workshop and panel discussions during the Festival. (Programme will be availed by Friday 20th October 2017).

Congratulations to all the Nominees. We are looking forward to meeting you.

LIPFF 2017 LIST OF NOMINEES (in no particular order)

  1. Best Feature Film

Trail of Misery                   (Kenya)

Hakkunde                           (Nigeria)

Breaking with the Customs          (Uganda)

Kizingo                                  (Kenya)

Gringo                                  (Zimbabwe)


  1. Best Short Film

Pendo                   (Kenya)

Virgin Vegan      (South African)

In my father’s village      (Zimbabwe)

H2O                       (Cameroon)

Zilizala                   (Kenya)


  1. Best Kenyan Film

Trail of Misery






  1. Best Documentary

Being Someone                                (Mozambique)

The battle of Arnold Farm            (Zimbabwe)

Macoconi  (The Roots of our Children)   (Mozambique)

Another Sunny Day                         (Namibia)

Cash my Cart                                      (Uganda)


  1. Best Animation Film

Group Foto         (Nigeria)

Crush                    (Nigeria)

Tejumade           (Nigeria)

Dawn of Thunder             (Nigeria)

Both Saved                         (Nigeria)


  1. Best Director

Simiyu Barasa – Kizingo  (Kenya)

Daudi Anguka – Zilizala     (Kenya)

T.West Ttabu Wasswa S. – Breaking with the Customs (Uganda)

Reabetswe Moeti – The Virgin Vegan  (South Africa)


  1. Best Cinematography

Zilizala                   (Kenya)

Macoconi            (Mozambique)

The Virgin Vegan              (South Africa)


  1. Best Scriptwriter (Kenyan Award)

Simiyu Barasa – Kizingo  (Kenya)

Gitonga Mwangi – Trail of Misery              (Kenya)

Mwongeli Mutiso – Pendo          (Kenya)


  1. Best Score and Sound Design

H2O                                                       (Cameroon)

In my Father’s Village                     (Zimbabwe)

Adama from Tengrela                    (Burkina Fasso)


  1. Best Editing

Pendo                   (Kenya)

Macoconi            (Kenya)

Breaking with Customs  (Uganda)



  1. Best Production Design

Zilizala                                       (Kenyan)

Breaking with Customs  (Uganda)

In my Father’s Village        (Zimbabwe)



  1. Best Actor (Kenyan Award)

Julian Mwanzele Tindo as Mwakazi in Kizingo (Kenya)

George Kituto as Samba in Zilizala (Kenya)

Gilbert Lukalia as Fred in Kidnapped        (Kenya)

Lazarus Boora as Gringo in Gringo Troublemaker (Zimbabwe)

T.West Ttabu Wasswa Stephen as Mpaka in Breaking with Customs (Uganda)


  1. Best Actress (Kenyan Award)

Pretty Mutave as Mama Jonnie in Kizingo (Kenya)

Azmina Wanjiru Peninah as Fatima Sultan in Trail of Misery          (Kenya)

Queen Motlatle as Aunty in The Virgin Vegan (South Africa)

Jacky Kaboi as Nimo in Hatika Ini (Kenya)

Nalukwago Mariam as Nattu in Breaking with the Customs (Uganda)


  1. Best Film in Dholuo Language

Seredo                 (Kenya)

Abednego           (Kenya)


  1. Best Film on Theme of Social Change

Ruvimbo’s Wedding (Zimbabwe)

Through her Eyes    (Nigeria)

Being Someone        (Mozambique)


  1. Jury’s Award

Grouf Poto         (Nigeria)


  1. Heroes Award

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LAKE INTERNATIONAL PANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL, focuses on films created in the African Language made by Africans (at least 50% of crew and cast must be Africans.)

One thought on “LIPFF NOMINEES 2017”

  1. I’m impressed and I will be attending the festivals. Naked eyes made it to the semifinals and we are glad that it will be screened during the festivals.


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