It’s now 6 days to the start of the LIPFF Festival in Kisumu!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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LAKE INTERNATIONAL PANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL, focuses on films created in the African Language made by Africans (at least 50% of crew and cast must be Africans.)

2 thoughts on “LIPFF 2017 FESTIVAL POSTER”

  1. Hello LIPFF my name is Michael from Ghana we had our short movie titled Thorns been sent mail as selected my nomination but unfortunately we also relized our title wasn’t part of the nomination list released by your ends can we know if it’s for screening only.Thank you.

    Kind regards


    1. The films went through three stages of selection process. The first was selected meaning the film fit the criteria of the Festival requirements, then 2nd stage were marked semi finalists, to mean the jury was going to review them again to select the finalists (Nominees). The films to be screened are therefore for finalists and a few selected semi finalists.


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