Congratulations to all our nominees.

The jury went through a thorough selection process. On our notifications from film freeway.

FINALIST: Your film is a nominee for an award in any of the categories in the festival.

SELECTED: Your film met all regulations of the festival and it went through the two step jury selection process and it MAY be screened during the Festival, however it is not nominated as the top contestants. We strive as much as we can to screen many films during the 4 days of the Festival. The Festival is also a way of creating international collaborations and showcasing of films helps in making the interaction of works more easy.

NOT SELECTED: Implies your film did not meet festival standards, either it was not in African Languages by at least 70% or majority of the dialogue, Or it did not have subtitles, Or it was not done by 50% of cast and Crew from Africa, Or it was a TV drama/series (we do not accept tv dramas or series), or the quality was low or highly pixelated.

We appreciate the growth in the amount and in the quality of Films in African Languages. To view the LIPFF 2018 nominees, kindly click on the link below


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LAKE INTERNATIONAL PANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL, focuses on films created in the African Language made by Africans (at least 50% of crew and cast must be Africans.)

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