“Theatre is a reflection of our souls, of our life, of our society…”

We have the full course (duration is 3 months) and the short courses (1 month). We also have periodic masterclass workshops from time to time. Our labs are 4 hours per week scheduled according to your preference

Our Labs involve pure skills training, field induction and industry-mentors dialogues. It involves continuous practicals with instructors helping the students to improve on their skills with every assignment.

The Theatre lab consists of 2 Units of which one can study each per month or have the two units for the full 3 months including project, thus preparing someone for the market.

Performance Art

ACTING: This covers acting and directing for stage, TV and Film. It looks into voice coaching, movement, breathing, self awareness, space, and various acting approaches and techniques.  It also looks into storytelling, mime, pantomie and techniques of performance of different genres and styles of theatre. Improvisation, Devising, and viewpoints are also focused on.

DIRECTING: This lab also covers directing. This entails, the different approaches to take for different genres. Understanding the actor vs the audience, interpreting script and packaging the production. This course is aimed at developing the performers self awareness, creative skills and interaction with space making the individual a better performer and director. Through the course the individual will be able to understand, distinguish and develop various techniques required for performing and directing for stage, TV and Film.

Scripting Unit

This covers scripting of short and feature films, drama series, documentaries, talk shows and reality TV shows. It delves into the art of storytelling, developing an idea, dialogue and monologues, developing a character, settings and language use. It explores the various genres and different writing styles. It further looks into writing for the stage, film or blogging, and the use of various writing softwares.

Student Evaluation

The student is involved in two final projects, which involves directing a production and starring in a production.

Intake:            January, May, September

Lab Fees (Per Lab):       

3 Months skills training (Performance Art & Scripting): Kshs. 45,000 

1 Month workshop training (1 Unit of your choice: Acting or Directing or Scripting):Kshs. 20,000

“Theatre is the eye of film….”