The annual Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF) is a film festival that aims at bringing filmmakers together and opening up the region to reap the benefits of tourism, intellectual and cultural exchange, while increasing the African cinematic experience by taking African language films to the people. The Festival is hosted by Legacy Arts and Film Lab (K) Ltd. Festival Director is Dr. Zippora Okoth and Festival Coordinator Ms Suki Wanza.

Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival 2020 was open to submissions in any African Languages with English Subtitles made in Africa. The festival only accepts feature films, short films, documentaries and animation films. It does not accept TV/web Series. LIPFF 2020 attracted 2426 films with 563 from Africa and 47 from Kenya. A very slight decrease in submissions considering the Corona Pandemic, since LIPFF 2019 has attracted 2890, with 589 from Africa and 57 from Kenya. This is a sign that the Festival is growing in reach all over Africa year after year and despite the pandemic, creative are still enthusiastic in telling the African Story. This year in 2020 we have a total of 139 countries who have submitted and 35 African Countries, showing another level of growth.

LIPFF 2020 goes Virtual. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the major Festival Activities will be held Online and the Gala will be held physically and streamed online.


  1. To sensitize film makers on film and entrepreneurship and collaboration.
  2. To take African Cinematic experience to all around Kenya and the world.
  3. To empower the youth on the power of film for social change.
  4. To create a market linkage for filmmakers and the larger market for film i.e.     Distributers (online, mobile, TV and local retail market) and consumers/viewers.

FESTIVAL DATES: 4th to 7th November 2020

The Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival is Organised by LEGACY ARTS AND FILM LAB (K) LTD.

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